Battlefield 4


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Since I have no use for BF4 anymore, I thought it would be time to sell it before the value dropped further. But it has been an honour serving with each and everyone of you.


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Anyone got the PS4 Pro and beta firmware 4.50 running? I'm wondering if Boost Mode might help the framerate on BF4.

I can't really find anything for BF4 other than 1 post on NeoGAF that just mentions it makes a difference but not by how much.


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Just seen this in the Pro thread but it maybe what you've already read!

"Battlefield 4 - Framerate improvements in multiplayer
Boost mode only"
Yeah I saw that one. Digital Foundry did a video and showed some stats (see video at 6:40 onwards):

Boost mode seems to hold 60fps on BF4 whereas standard mode has drops around 50-55fps :clap:


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Sorry to double post but is anyone with a PS4 Pro planning to go back to BF4 now the latest 4.50 PS4 firmware with Boost Mode is out?
If i see the digital copy for dirt cheap again like it was at Christmas then i will. I've stopped playing BF1 - lack of kits and gadgets meant that it became same old same old with little scope for mixing things up and i miss BF4 quite a lot now :(
I still play often but servers are getting limited. Far too many private servers just running Golmud 24/7 and the like. My favoured modern kit like silencers and choppers mean that I pop back from BF1, which obviously lacks such niceties!
I've just bagged a copy and was going to pick up the full dlc from the easter sale so to hear that servers are getting limited isn't great...
...And having now played BF4 vanilla for half an hour or so yesterday i don't think i will be wasting any more money by buying the DLC even if it is less than a tenner - i just can't get on with BF4 any more, the game engine for BF1 is far better, far smoother and looks and runs so damn good on the Pro, even if the weapons can get a bit dull (and being bombed by the 50th airplane that you are essentially helpless against rapidly gets a bit tiresome)


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I'm thinking about going back to Battlefield 4. I prefer the modern setting! :thumbsup: :)
I dunno BF5 is ok - it doesn't suffer the antiquity of BF1 (despite DICE doing everything possible to make BF1 anything other than a game hamstrung by primitive weapons) and more importantly it doesn't have an annoyingly earnest voice over at the end of matches; half the time speculating wildly as to the alternative history you've just created! :confused:o_O

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