Battlefield 3 Server


I spotted an AV Forums server on Battlefield 3. :hiya: May join you some time. My gamertag is Gammerz. Who else plays regularly on this server?


Distinguished Member
The more the merrier Gammerz. We try and promote fair play on the server, so ideally no spawn trapping and we also try and keep the server free of laggy foreign players (mainly non-EU players as they cause the most lag 'cause they're playing out of region) but other than that there are no rules. We don't go in for any of that 'no shotguns, C4, M16A3' etc. Feel free to use whatever weapon you want and if you can bury an admin in C4 and blow him to hell go for it, you won't be booted for it, bloody admin shouldn't have been camping for so long!

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