Battlefield 3 Screenburn or Image Retention


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Hi all

I appreciate this most be one of the most reposted subject matters on plasma TVs but I really appreciate any advice/information anyone can provide.

I have a Samsung 43 inch PS43D490 3d plasma. I use it mainly for gaming (its practically 100% gaming in fact) from a PS3. I had it set to gaming mode for about a month or two months after I bought it. I thought this would have stopped burn in or the like but I have noticed what looks to be a negative image where the team names are displayed in the bottom left hand corner after I have played Battlefield 3 for say maybe 2 to 3 hour stints. I stopped using the gaming mode as I thought the contrast or one of the other settings was turned to high. I have everything set to 50% in the hope that this helps in future.

I cant say I notice it on the rare occassions I watch DVD/Blu Ray. I can only see it when I do the in menu anti burn in screen sweep. I have used a "pixel protector" dvd screen wash but it was still slightly there. Is this screen burn or IR?:lease:


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It sounds like retention, if you stop playing the game for a while & just watch normal content it should go.


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More likely IR retention, had it myself with that game but it went ok. This was after 4,5,6 hour sessions though. Its de IR if its fading, if your set has a scrolling bar just leave it on when you go to bed and put the sets auto standby on for four hours or whatever your set has. I do this after any heavy games session and it helps a lot.

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