Battlefield 3 Remaster


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More suggestions from YouTubers and gaming media saying that Battlefield 3 is in the works and has been for awhile now and is being released alongside Battlefield 6.
Video I watched earlier saying that the game could be released this year which would make much more sense. If as some are saying it’s been in the works for afew years then with how bad Battlefield V has been compared to other Battlefields and the release of PS5 and Xbox X it would make much more sense than releasing it alongside a brand new Battlefield game which is probably also going to be modern warfare.
I really hope it is this year as that would be a great multiplayer to take us through to Battlefield 6. The only reason I could see it releasing alongside Battlefield 6 is that they’re only remastering the single player which would be pretty disappointing, even though Battlefield 3 single player was good the multiplayer is where it’s at, but that’s what happened with the cod modern warfare remasters. But judging by the deatails in the video releasing it with all the dlc they must be doing the multiplayer.
Anyway was just wondering what’ll any of you Battlefield fans
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