battlefield 2 joinin throught all seeing eye


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anyway here goes works 4 me n few others :D
Many users of the popular server-browsing application, The All-Seeing Eye, were annoyed with the 1.03 update's inclusion of a "Message from EA" box, as it prevented them from joining servers directly from the ASE software. However, BFNation Forums user Spy98 has posted a solution:

"When you're in ASE, right click "Battlefield2" from your game list and click "Configure games...".
Again select "Battlefield2" from the tree-selection.
In the textbox below "Program location" you should have something like:

"D:\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe" (with quotes)

change it to:

"D:\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe" +playerName XYNAME +playerPassword YZPASS

with the quotes intact, and XYNAME being the username which is used to sign in to your Battlefield 2 / EA account and YZPASS (obviously) the password. Note the upper/lower-case characters."

Now you can use All-Seeing Eye instead of the unreliable in-game browser. Enjoy
sorry if post is already here but looked and carnt c it?


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Thanks alot

Thats magic

All seeing eye is far better to use. Can set ranked servers = always and autobalance teams = always. So much quicker than the in game browser

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