Battle Royale Spec Edition



BATTLE ROYALE SPEC ED Just got my copy yesterday and watched it last night . The sub bass is very O.T.T and extremly boomy.can anyone confirm this as I have never seen the film before, or on a different version disc. I don't have any problems on any of my other 100+films. I have checked all the settings on the amp and back of sub they are all as normal. I had to change them to watch the rest of the film without shacking the house to bits! Sub bass was to loud, too boomy and went on far more than was needed. Do I have a faulty disc? :eek:


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I had a brief look at this today (opening credits and a little more) and have the same impression. I think it's in the mix, the bass seems a little overblown.
Sounds like it's exactly the same mixed as used in the original R3 edition. I reviewed it months ago and found the same thing as you two - the bass is far too overpowering and ultimately distracting. Turn your sub down (obvious I know!) and then the sound is pretty good with plenty of nice rear effects.

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