Battery will not charge.


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I have a laptop which I very rarely use, it's like new, porbably been used 10 times over the past 18 months. It's a top-spec laptop but my problem is the battery will now not charge up, it's completely dead.

Each time I used it, usually every 5-6 weeks I'd have to charge it as it had lost it's power, silly me for not taking the battery out, but now it won't even charge up.

Is there anyway to revive the battery, these things cost £50-£60 and it's an expense I could do without. I thought being a lithium battery it could take some abuse, any ideas??????




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not really a lot you can do. Laptop batteries are just another consumable.

I've found Dell and Sony batteries to be among the worst for longetivity and IBM about the best. Don't know why?!?

You could try leaving it on charge overnight, then remove it completely from the machine for a couple of hours to cool then try charging again, this sometimes works. other than that it's probably dead

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