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Hi, I want an app to save me battery, I would like an app that turns off internet connection when the screen goes off but allows auto sync when the phone needs it for email, news and stocks, any other customisation would be most welcome. What is there out there?



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The easiest is probably intelligent mode, which gives me a 1.6x improvement on my HTC desire C.
I have Wifi, bluetooth and GPS all turned off unless required.

I use advanced mode which gives me 1.7x improvement.
If you hit that and go through all the options, it explains what the settings do.

Play around with it a bit and it should all become obvious :smashin:


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Try Juice Defender. I used it for months and it saved my battery loads. Don't use it now as I like always on data and as long as my phone lasts a day it's good

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I would avoid using battery saving apps as it messes with the google synchronisations.

I would adjust settings for facebook, twitter and other social networking apps to ensure they don't refresh after a short time. The majority are set to manual refresh so that it doesn't kill my battery with the apps syncing every 15 mins etc.

By doing this alone, you will save valuable battery life and by switching GPS, BT and wifi off, you will save more juice.

I hope this works mate,


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