Battery recomendation for digi camera


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Hi, I have a HP620 digital camera and it eats batteries like they are going out of fasion Duracells etc...
I also have some Ni-MH 1300mAh rechargables and these dont last long either.
Can some kind soul point me in the right direction for some longer lasting rechargables.



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You want to buy some 2300 rechargeables, higher if you can find them. Or for cheapness the 2100 Energizer ones from Tesco (£1.87 for 4 AA if you can get them still - or charge plus 2 AA for £3.75).


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Thyanx for the reply StevieDvd, just been looking around and i can only find 2100mAh with charger for 18 squids.
Whats the highest you can get in the way of rechargables? an is it possible to get photo lithium rechargables...



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I've seen mention of 2700mAh on the Internet but not in the shops. I seem to recall reading about longer life throwaways but they were expensive.


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Thanx for the input Stevie, i'll search a bit longer, i have seen 2500's on C-type and that has been the higest so far.



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I previously had some Hahnel 2200 mAh Nimh AAs from UKDigital. They last (charged from the Hahnel charger) very much longer than brand new Alakalines.

My new Casio camera that takes 2 instead of the previous camera's 4 AAs seemed to be a hungry beast so ordered 4 new Hahnel 2350 mAh AAs 9.99 GBP the 4 inc postage. Key to long life in a digicamera is that the voltage remains stable for as much time as possible which is what these new 2350s are for.

I did try some Ever Ready 1850 Nimh's but would say - don't bother for a digicamera, in fact don't bother with any batteries where the maker does not explain the design philosophy in detail as being especially for digicameras.

Order some Hahnels & try 'em & report back! I have not had longterm use of the 2350's yet but will report.

Cheers - Nigel


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been running some 2350 mah in my flash for my canon 10d, i can say they last a lot longer than some 2100 mah one's i had.
i got them from the net (cant rememder where) they were about £7 for a pack of 4, i bought 3 packs best investment i made. apart from the high capacity lithium's for the 10d sony price £59 ebay price from hong kong £ 7.50 each delivered and they are 400mah higher than the sony ones.

David Tandy

There is no doubt that NiMH batteries are the way to go, alkalines are close to useless in digital cameras, giving no more than 10 - 15 shots with some.
The highest capacity commercially available AA's I know of are the 2350 Hahnel ones, though Ansmann have some 2400mAh ones coming out in the next week or so.
Remember, you will pay a premium for the latest greates, highest capacity batteries, but ones that were the best you could get 6 months ago will be a bargain in comparison.
You must also consider your charger, there is no point having expensive high capacity batteries if they are being charged in a cheap timer controlled charger with no battery monitoring.

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