battery preservation


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hi people

after the poor life span of my daughters previous laptop battery (sony) i am wondering the best way to use th laptop and preserve the battery life (long term not each charge).

she's off to uni so my plan (if this is best) is to tell her whilst the laptop is on her desk in the dorm just to have the laptop running off the wall socket with the battery removed, then maybe once a week pop the battery in, let it charge up and drain etc then take out. of course she'd need to pop the battery in to take it out somewhere. so would this be best? or would having plugged into to the power but leave the batter in be better? I'm thinking both of these would be better than constantly running th battery down then pluggin it in ti charge u then runing down again etc


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Personally I leave my battery out when its at home, its not ideal though as sods law is that when you need it the battery is only half full!
I heard its also better to keep the battery cool if possible, some people even leave them in the fridge, so im told!


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Battery advice seems inconclusive but generally I think it's best not to have it plugged in charging all the time as this degrades the battery faster. The best thing for the battery is to have it stored in a cool place at about 40% charge.

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