Battery Powered busking Amp with mixer ?

Chris Muriel

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My daughter wants a battery powered amplifier for busking purposes.
The Roland MicroCube looks good but has 1 disadvantage :
She would use a microphone and either a CD backing track or guitar simultaneously but to do this with the MicroCube requires a mixer (about £15 for a smallish battery powered one from Maplins) in addition to the Cube itself.
The Microcube has an Aux input but this cannot be used at the same time as the main input :thumbsdow
Does anything exist similar to the Microcube but with inputs that can be used at the same time ? (her voice via microphone + mini CD player or guitar).
That would save her having to carry (and remember to bring with her each time) the mixer as well the amp.

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
Thanks - being an acoustic 5-string banjo and guitar player myself, I wasn't aware of any of the items you linked.
If I'm miked up it's normally on stage with SM57 and 58s and mains powered amps.
When busking (for the odd charity event) I'm purely acoustic - unlike my daughter.
Have also since found the Roland Mobile Cube and read good reviews of it.


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I should have added that I have no experience of any of them so can't offer any advice beyond owning a Micro Cube. That's very good for what it is.

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