Battery not charging - a good story for a change

Discussion in 'Apple Forum' started by fizl, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Just a quick story of good news for a change rather than the usual moaning and griping

    Before going on holiday 2 weeks ago, I unplugged the macbook to let it go flat (good for the circulation you know!!). When I got back from holiday I found that although I could run the mac via the powersupply, it would not charge the battery. The light on the power wouldnt change to orange, and the battery indicator said not charging.

    I had a look round the internet which suggested resetting the PMU, which I tried to no avail. I took my macbook into an apple store, and after a few diagnostics they gave me a new battery even though i was 3 months out of warranty (it only had 56 cycles so it was truly faulty). There was no discussion that I should pay, and they could not have been more helpful

    I have posted this as it is natural that a forum normally has bad news, breakdowns and poor service, and I wanted to highlight the good service that also occurs.


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