Battery life? what's yours like?


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I'm always interested in new mobiles, love the colour screens, new designs (hate some though!!), but no manufacturer seems to have cracked decent battery life though.

What have you got and what standby time do you get? (don't care all that much about talk time as I'm a texter)

Me :-
Nokia 6310i : 10 days
Sharp GX10 : 2.75 days
SE Z600 : 4.75 days
Ericsson R380 : 4 days (8 with huge battery pack)


I get about 50-60 hours standby on my 7250i, thats including sending/receiving 3-4 texts a day and using wap gprs for an hour each day, and the odd short call.


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I get about 4 days out of my 11 month old 6610.

Bearing in mind the amount it's used (I send about 600 texts per month and use about 300 minutes) I don't think that's too bad.

A long way off the stated time by Nokia but I think most people would accept that as the norm nowadays :rolleyes:



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sony ericsoon p800 on wap non stop - 3hours. on standby and a few txt about 7 - 10

not sure if the battery was charged properly tho when new so gonna try a new one.


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Anyone got any experiences of a P900?


Nokia 6600

Approx 2 days with moderate usage but can can be as little as a day if bluetooth is used alot and surfing etc

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