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Sep 6, 2009
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My 8 year old was using my laptop to chat with my mum using Skype when he started to get silly he accidently let the laptop slip off his lap and it landed perfectly on the back of the screen making it slam shut i picked it up quickly to hope it was ok. it was still powered on by the power supply plug. so i left it alone told my son to stop being silly and be a grown up! so i couldnt let him have the laptop onto his lap again. i supplied the laptop table instead to prevent this happening again.

i got the laptop off him when he finished chatting with my mum, as usual i unplugged to take it to the kitchen so i could do some work i needed to do, it powered off immediately, upon power on i couldnt get it back on!!! so i plugged it in and worked, upon desktop at startup, i noticed the red cross on top of the battery logo in the area by the clock. put mouse over it and shows up "no battery detected" i tried removing battery while plugged in. and reseating. no luck in change

so i found a forum when i googled "toshiba no battery detected" and came up with...
turn laptop off,
disconnect plug and remove battery,
then hold power button for 30 seconds
then replace all power sources and power back on.

When i was at the boot up. i pressed F2 to the bios menu then i pressed F9 to restore settings.

When powered back up, the cross is still there then i noticed the battery cross disappear then back to red cross. 5 minutes later the cross is gone i unplugged to see if it would stay powered up using battery. it still is powered by battery til it reached critical level to plug in the power.

Any advice on why it would not detect the battery til i did the settings? and what should i do to ensure its all ok? Any checks etc, i'm good with computers but when it comes to specific electronic parts, i need to learn it from people who knows what they talking about. ;-) sorry its been a long one lol

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