Question Battery drain on iPhone 11 Pro Max


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I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max about a week ago ( December 23) and it seems that I’m experiencing battery drain issue

I unplugged it at 10:30am with 100% and now it’s 1:20pm and it’s at 77% with minimum usage ( sent a few photos , texted family and friends , played music for about 20minutes, had a 30second phone call , from 11:30 till 12:30 I wasn’t using it.)

I did a dfu restore , reset all settings , erased all contents. No luck

My battery health is at 100% and I’m not a heavy user. I turned off location services , background app refresh , raised to wake , used mostly WiFi ( avoided 4g) and still my battery can barely last me the day.

My friend also has the IPhone 11 Pro Max and he unplugged his phone at 1pm with 82% on 4g and been using it non-stop and at 5pm he’s at 77%.

Am I experiencing battery drain issue?
My concern is that I won’t able to replace it because if Apple run a test on my battery and see it’s at 100% then they will brush it off and tell me nothing is wrong.

I have provided photos of my battery life from today and the last week.



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It’s not really bad, but it does seems to be dropping abit quicker than you’d expect, especially since all the reviews say that the pro max battery is ridiculously good, and I’ve watched some reviews on YouTube where they’ve said they literally can’t drain the battery to 0 in a day, even if they’ve tried really hard to!

If I were you I’d take it back to Apple and they’ll do a diagnostics test on it and check everything. That’s all you can do really as you’ve done the restore already. Tell them that when you take it in.

I had an iPhone 7 a few years ago, and that had an issue with the battery where it would lose 15-20% battery over night while I wasn’t even using it. They did a diagnostics on it and said there was a battery fault and the battery would either be replaced or I could have the phone swapped for a new one. Mine had a couple of light scratches on the sides, so I picked the replacement and walked out with a mint new phone!
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First of all; no need to switch all of that off. There is no need to manually babysit an iPhone and it’s background process. Unless you are in a bad reception area. It could be a faulty cell in your area as well causing this.

I don’t use Snapchat, the background activity and consumption seem rather high. That would be my main concern.
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