Batman was on HD1 tonight... but where are Returns/Forever?


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Batman was on HD1 tonight, and aside from the Warner aliasing issue (a problem seen on many of their older transfers), it looked quite decent, and DD5.1 to boot. Taking a look at the schedule, you can see Batman & Robin is coming up on HD1 as well. Which is an extremely odd choice, jumping from first to fourth, with no sign of two or three.

Returns/Forever have been on in HD in the US and Japan before, so it's not an issue of there not being transfers/masters avaliable. It's slightly annoying as we could have had a bit of a Batman fest over a few days/week or so, kinda like Star Wars. Which reminds me, I've forgotten about Batman Begins. Where's that too? I imagine there's probably still a few people out there who haven't seen it in HD yet :)

Come on Sky, the recent Warner catalogue titles are a good start, but it could be much better. They have a ton of stuff you could be showing. (This goes for New Line too!)


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I suspect Batman Begins has been past onto a FTA broadcaster by now, it's a good year and a half since it's SKY Movies premiere and perhaps SKY currently don't own the rights to the other two Batman movies.

Recorded Batman myself tonight:)

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