Batman: Gotham Knight Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Chris McEneany
Capturing different angles of The Bat from slightly off-kilter viewpoints is always an intriguing notion. However, what this marriage of Western writers and esteemed anime production houses actually boils down to is an avant-garde and moody exercise in style over substance. Half of the stories here left me cold and unimpressed. The differing aesthetic choices make for a giddy and delightful selection of vistas and the look and feel of the episodes is certainly entrancing enough to keep you watching. But the stories themselves are often a little boring despite some initially intriguing hooks. Out of six tales, only three did I find that I actually enjoyed enough to want to watch again.</p>
AV-wise, the disc has only slight problems. Colour banding can occasionally be apparent and the episode “In Darkness Dwells” is simply too horrible to look at – which is especially worrying as this is one of the three stories that are really worth seeing. Elsewhere, however, the picture is tremendous. The DD mix is sporadically entertaining – it may do nothing wrong but it doesn’t actually do much of anything else either. However, the extras are fairly decent. Denny O’Neil provides the meat of the matter in the chat track and the documentary on Bob Kane is long overdue but worthwhile. Overall, Gotham Knight is more for the fans and certainly not a good entry point for those only casually acquainted with Batman.
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