Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever & the pile of Pooh that is B&R - in DTS!!


Family Guy

Here I don't think it'll improve forever and the last one though.


Seth Gecko

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Am seriously looking forward to the first 2 movies - I've got the original R1 incarnations that are looking a little old now, but as Batman Returns was the first movie recorded in Dolby Digital, that should be a nice DTS mix (well, I can hope) :)

Family Guy

I must admit - I got a little hyped up when I saw these...then I remembered one thing.
Warner Bros + DTS Sound = non starter!!

Maybe these are "Eastern versions" shall we say. I'm not expecting anything until I see DTS on the pack of Batman Returns in WH Smith...


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I have oredered The boxset from
I have a feeling that the region 1 dvds have DTS sound.

Got this from

Available subtitles: English, Spanish, French
Available Audio Tracks: English (DTS 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 5.1), French
Commentary by director Tim Burton on Batman and Batman Returns

Commentary by director Joel Schumacher on Batman Forever and Batman & Robin

Includes Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Batman Forever (1995), and Batman & Robin (1997)

On the Set with Bob Kane

Legends of the Dark Knight: The History of Batman – The Batman comic book saga as reinvented and reinterpreted over nearly seven decades

The Bat, the Cat and the Penguin – Cast and crew members recall the making of the equally spectacular sequel

Additional Scenes

Riddle Me This: Why is Batman Forever? – How a new director and cast created a new version of Gotham’s classic good and bad guys

Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight Parts 1-6: The Road to Gotham City, The Gathering Storm, The Legend Reborn, The Dark Side of the Knight, Reinventing a Hero, Batman Unbound

Beyond Batman Documentary Gallery:

Visualizing Gotham: The Production Design of Batman

Building the Batmobile

Those Wonderful Toys: The Props and Gadgets of Batman

Designing the Batsuit

From Jack to the Joker

Nocturnal Overtures: The Music of Batman

Gotham City Revisited: The Production Design of Batman Returns

Sleek, Sexy and Sinister: The Costumes of Batman Returns

Making up the Penguin

Assembling the Arctic Army

Bats, Mattes and Dark Nights: The Visual Effects of Batman

Out of the Shadows: The Production Design of Batman Forever

The Many Faces of Gotham City

Knight Moves: The Stunts of Batman Forever

Imaging Forever: The Visual Effects of Batman Forever

Scoring Forever: The Music of Batman Forever

Kiss from a Rose Music Video by Seal

The Heroes and The Villains Profile Galleries

Bigger, Bolder, Brighter: The Production Design of Batman & Robin

Maximum Overdrive: The Vehicles of Batman & Robin

Dressed to Thrill: The Costumes of Batman & Robin

Frozen Freaks and Femme Fatales: The Makeup of Batman & Robin

Freeze Frame: The Visual Effects of Batman & Robin

Music Videos:Batdance, Partyman, and Scandalous by Prince, Face to Face by Siouxsie and the Banshees, The End is the Beginning is the End by the Smashing Pumpkins, Foolish Games by Jewel, Gotham City by R. Kelly, Look into My Eyes by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Batman: The Complete Robin Storyboard Sequence

The Heroes and The Villains Profile Galleries

New digital transfers with Both 5.1 Dolby and DTS Surround
Theatrical trailers

Number of discs: 8


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It's cheaper to buy the box than the first three individually, so a lot of us that wouldn't touch movie number 4 with a barge pole are going to end up with a copy after all.

I suppose that's one way of ensuring some royalties for Joel, George and Arnie! :)

Seth Gecko

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Commentary by director Joel Schumacher on Batman Forever and Batman & Robin

So basically its 2 x 120 mins of him saying "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, The Lost Boys was good though, sorry, sorry, sorry....." ?


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any reviews up yet?


I know we'll be doing the R1 versions and the R2 Japanese box set if that helps.

Seth do you know when? :)

Seth Gecko

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It appears that it's practically a world wide release around the 18th October-ish give or take.

The R1 releases will be 4 reviews, most likely by several different reviewers and will probably be first. I'd imagine we could see them sometime next week - depending on when the disks arrive with the team.

The R2 Japanese box will be following, it's being written by one reviewer (So a bit of an epic then) and will probably appear towards the end of the month, again depending on how long it takes to come from Japan.

Of course, we'll be doing the bitrates as usual and if the reviewers have them, hopefully a PQ comparison of the old vs new versions (I know I have all 4 original movies - Hate B&R but had to have the set), similar to the reviews of The Thing and The Ultimate Matrix Collection.

We SHOULD have a review of Batman Begins R1 next week as well - again, depending on when the review disk arrives.

Indiana Jones

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I might be mistaken but havent we already had a thread about the new releases for a month or so now? or did I imagine it?

Anyway if you want the best prices but dont want the Boxset (B&R never happened :mad: ) then I would recommend the Region 4 Australian releases which are about £7 each from EzyDVD, DVDCrave and other R4 retailers and which will be identical to the Region 1 releases apart from they have the better artwork.

Also, the SE UK release of Batman Returns will still be cut so its definitely one to avoid but with retailers asking around £15 for it and with the Uncut R4 release available for £7, who would actually buy the UK release lol :D


I just read the BBFC website which states Batman Returns was classified in September and is STILL censored, 7 seconds cut for a scene which they consider imitable, what a totally looney system we have for classifying films, for the life of me i still don't understand how films like this with their fantasy elements can be censored and i still wonder why Warner Bros don't appeal such decisions as surely Lethal Weapon 2 or The Matrix could both be uncut if re-classified.

Indiana Jones

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Warner had their chance of releasing The Matrix uncut last year but didnt bother to re-submit the film, guess they are happy that the UK public dont get to see one of their most profitable films in its uncut form.


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Where's the cheapest price for the R1 boxset? I know I'll never watch BaR, but I still feel the need to have it. In fact, I could probably do with just the first one. Damn my obsessive nature!

Seth Gecko

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Dave-S said:
Yes, batman forever is still cut. Region 1 box set or single eddition is your best bet. :)
Then again, in a cut state it's mercifully shorter - depends how long you want the agony to last, I suppose.......


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Shut up Seth and get the review done :)

Seth Gecko

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CrispyXUK said:
Shut up Seth and get the review done :)
If only I had the disks :) I believe I'm doing the R2 boxset so it'll be some time :) I've got Mr. Benn to do first (and my Halloween choice of A Nightmare on Elm St.)

All play and no work........or something


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Can anyone confirm?
Do these new releases,definately contain an actual DTS track?
I am very sceptical, bearing in mind that this is so unlike Warner Bros, to include DTS tracks.
Thanks, i can at least purchase them if this is true!!!


Dave-S said:
Yes, batman forever is still cut.

It has been reclassified to a 12 certificate and the BBFC website lists no cuts ( although it may have been precut )

Yes they all contain DTS tracks in the UK and America and around the world also.

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