Bathroom radio with some oomppphh


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Hi all,

hoping someone can help. I'm looking for a battery operated radio that can be used in the bathroom. All I can seem to find is the novelty radios but I'm after something that will be able to be heard over my new power shower.

Any advice much appreciated




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Hi Jay,

We have used a Pure Oasis for a few years and the sound is great. Unfortunately, it is no longer made but has been replaced by the PURE Oasis Flow which adds internet and FM to DAB (according to Play website). If it sounds as good you will be impressed.

The only downside with our Oasis is that it takes quite a long time to recharge but lasts quite a long time in between charges.

Seasons greetings!
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Also try the Evoke 2s (2x15w amp) if you can find one - add the rechargeable battery pack and your good to go.


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Thanks a lot guys - I was looking at the pure products as they seem to be the only decent quality bathroom radio's... Will be hitting John Lewis tomorrow, so will armed with your recommendations


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