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Bathroom ceiling speakers


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I'm looking to put some ceiling speakers into my bathroom. I can see from the search that this topic has been covered a few of times, but not for a while, and I'm looking for advice on specific speakers.

The bathroom is quite small (a little less than 3m x 3m) and I'd like to put in a pair of ceiling speakers that have the same diameter as halogen downlighters/spots (whatever you call them).

So far, I've found the following speakers:
- QED: http://www.cyberselect.co.uk/product/1202
- Linn: http://www.linn.co.uk/music_systems_sweetspot

A couple of questions:
1) Are any of the above any good?
2) Can anyone suggest other alternatives?

My budget's not huge (<£200 for the pair). I'm not that desparate for absolute sound quality (this is a bathroom, afterall). Space is no problem for the amp and source (a cupboard that is adjacent to the bathroom - I can thread cables from there into the ceiling cavity), which I'm hoping to be a Logitech Squeezebox receiver and an amp I haven't decided on yet.

Grateful for any input/feedback!:thumbsup:



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All i can say is that i did a similar thing to yourself but as you say i wasnt looking for absolute sound quality

In the end i bought a pair of car speakers , and a can of plastic white spray paint all told about £45 and they do the job adequately



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I'm assuming that the car speakers are 4"+ in diameter?

I was hoping that I could use speakers with a smaller diameter, purely so that, if I ever move house, I could take the speakers and not leave a gaping hole in the ceiling.

Have you had any problems with speaker cones rotting? My bathroom is quite steamy at times (very small, and no extractor fan as of yet).

Ok then...opening it up beyond the halogen-spotlight-diameter requirement, what other recommendations do people have?



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I'm looking to do the same, with a squeeze duet for kitchen and showeroom.
only ceiling speakers I've found to explicitly state that they are fine for bathroom and outdoor use are the Kef CI range, and I think I'll be going for the larger ones.

not sure about their quality however.


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I used speakers from these guys Marinhögtalare

Bigger than a spotlight, but different models to choose from and decent prices. Sound quality not their fortê, but hey, it's a bathroom :)

Yes, I know the page is in Swedish :rolleyes: There is an English version of the page, but that doesn't seem to be up at the moment. Could be worth checking back at a later time though - they have sales reps in Denmark, Finland and Norway also, such companies usually don't have a problem with shipping to the UK.


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I use a Russound SPC522 single stereo bathroom ceiling speaker connected with bi-wire speaker cable (as the speaker has connections for both L&R channels). The speaker actually sounds OK, although it is not going to blow you away, probably as much to do with the acoustics of a small bathroom as the speaker though. (btw great service from cyberselect - goods arrived next day)


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I have no intention of taking the speakers with me they will stay with all the recessed lights if ever we move on

Lets just say two girls one bathroom its never free and fll of steam:eek:


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Hi Rhyan

I have used a single Stereo speaker in my bathroom 6.5"

I know everybody keeps saying "its a bathroom" and therefore sound quality is not important but, I disagree because I am getting some decent base (because the room is quite small probably) and because the speaker is directly above my head the treble is very direct too.
I was surprised how good it can be in a bathroom. I am driving mine ceiling speaker of a Sonos amped zoneplayer that's in the loftspace.
I don't know if you have considered a Sonos or not but you could get a 2nd hand ZP100 for £200 and that would effectively be a squeezebox and an amp in one.
The speakers I have which I can highly recommend are the new Emphasys ones. The DC60 is 6.5" for less than a 100 or a DC85 8" around £150.

I hope I have given you some ideas.



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Hi Miker,

Thanks for the suggestion - have Sonos too and am looking to extend into a smallish bathroom also.

Have had a look at the Emphasys DC60 which looks good and your endorsement is another positive.

But just wondering did you check out its suitability for use in a bathroom environment in terms of steam, temperature etc...?

Edit: Looking at the Emphasys website, there is no mention of bathroom suitability, in contrast to the Russound SPC522 (mentioned above) which seems explicitly geared for bathroom use..
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i`m running a pair of 6.5" zero zx6 2 way car speakers carefully spraypainted white in my bathroom ceiling, been there for 2 years and no rot or corrosion on the painted grilles, plastic cones, rubber suspension or the metal tweeter. they sound excellent, the bass is impressive, and they have a full sound probably due to the loft insulation on top of them acting as accoustic wadding. At the price I paid i`m happy to leave them in when I move. £7.86+vat for the speakers and £3 for some decent spray paint from maccess, a motor trade cash and carry. I had the same spreakers in my speedboat and even getting regularly drenched in salt water while listening to oldschool happy hardcore and techno loud didnt kill them.


I used these in my bathroom:


KEF's full range Ci130.2FS and Ci130.2FR are serious speakers at an affordable price. The Ci130.2 is well suited for the high quality music and speech reinforcement applications where good hi-fi performance is required. Sharing KEF's versatility of flush mounting square speakers in walls or round speakers in ceiling with ease of installation, the speaker is at home either installed indoors, even in bathrooms, or outside (under eaves).

Also I mentioned them in my blog.
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