Bass Shakers Power?


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Hi there,

Just bought 4 pairs of Aura Bass Shakers ( 2 for me and 2 for a mate) for my new setup of Sony STR-795 and Canton Movie CD 2.22.

I tried powering them off the Front Speaker B output of my amp but the volume has to be cranked up a lot to get any movement from them.

Tried attaching them to the output on my Canton ASD 220 SC Sub and they didn't move at all.

Anyone had any experience with these and know how to get more response?




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The Auras come in 25w and 50w versions, which have you got?
Also how are you mounting them as that can make a huge difference to how well they work.


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The way I did it is the Aura's need to be fixed directly to the chair as they aren't that powerful, either under the seat or to the frame. Putting rubber feet under the chair legs so it's not sitting on the floor but 'floating' will mean the vibration stays in the chair rather than transferring to the floor. I ran one off an old 30w integrated amp to good effect so they don't need that much power.

There's plenty of ways to connect them up and there's a shaker guide over on AVSforum
It's quite long.

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