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Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by norge, Apr 22, 2007.

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    I read one of the articles in the sticky..
    Very informative....but in article seems to argue that when book shelf speakers are set to large, sub is not fed any low come?..." The speaker struggles with the information and plays back what it can, all the while being somewhat negatively affected by fact that it is also receiving content it simply cannot handle. Where is that 25-40Hz content being heard? Nowhere. It doesn't get sent to the subwoofer, and it cannot be reproduced by the speaker."
    The crossover filter can still be set to your desired frequency...Am I right here? So if the bookshelf speaker as in example or whatever, is set to large or small if crossover is set to say 60Hz, both will give the same result..I think. The only important setting, I guess that one should configure is the sub set to LFE ONLY as otherwise distortion or lack of info from bookshelf speakers might result if set to LFE + Main.

    I think the only reason for choosing large in settings is simply to have more than one low frequency output....that is the sub and the main speakers...... and of course for this settings to work one should configure sub to LFE +MAIN

    I would like to hear more ideas about this as I am trying to be more updated with this topics now that I have a rel strata 5 sub.


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