Bass management on Yamaha R-N803D Network Receiver


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I was wondering if someone can provide some details about the bass management system that comes with the Yamaha R-N803D Network Receiver. I've taken a look at the Owner's Manual, but apart from saying that YPAO is used, it doesn't provide any further details. It seems to rely on completely automatic room optimisation.

What I'm interested in being able to do is to manually set the high-pass filter cutoff frequency for the main speakers, say to 80 Hz or 70 Hz. I'd like to avoid the auto mode of the YPAO system potentially choosing 90 Hz or 100 Hz or lower than 70 Hz.

Also, does anyone know what the slope of the high-pass filters is? Is it 12 dB/octave or 24 dB/octave? Similarly, what is the slope of the low-pass filter that's placed on the subwoofer-out signal from the amplifier? Is it a 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley design? Or is something else used?

I know that Yamaha AV receivers, and those of other brands, provide more details about their high-pass and low-pass filters.

Also, does anyone know of other 2-channel amplifiers that have full bass management for handling subwoofers? Ideally, power output would be around 100WRMS both channels driven.
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The Yamaha R-N803D doesn't include any provision to configure the speakers as being anything but full range and neither does it have any integral crossover filters you'd be able to configure.

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