Bass levels on Edge of Tomorrow warning


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Below posted on Speakers forum as well


Just got home from work and had Edge of Tomorrow on BD arrive.

Put it in the player and sat down. The low bass on the DTS HDMA track in the first 20/27 seconds of the movie is MASSIVE.

So much so that in my 15 years of owning an M&K sub I have never seen the MK badge on the grill move so much. I had the movie on at -33 below reference (which is very low and god only knows what would have happened if I had it on at -5 which is what I normally have.

So a word of warning peeps. I don't know if there is something wrong with the disc with regard to the sound. I have yet to watch the rest of the movie.

Just in case anyone is thinking I have my sub too high - you'd be wrong. In actual fact I have the sub levels below 75db as that is how I like it.

Just thought I would put this out there regarding the bass in the first 20/30 secs as I reckon some folk on the forum might blow something.......


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interesting, i wonder if the iTunes version will be like it
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