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bass impact subwoofer like headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by Aita, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Aita


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    ok i'm really in a pinch for time tryin to find some bass impact headphones before i take my 3 week trip so ill strip down my restrictions to just two things:

    1. These headphones must have BASSS. Not guitar strumming bass i mean (excuse the rap example if you dont like this type of music but its mine and i like it) Lil John and the east side boys get low rumble your ears off of your head bass. I would like them to be tiny subwoofers on the side of my head. also would be nice if they played rock well (metallica some kind of monster would be a good example) Brand name matters not as i've heard great phones from JVC and Phillips (even Panasonic) so dont skip any brands plz. oh and it would be nice if they made the sony V300 and senn HD212's look like crap in the bass department. (i know thats asking alot but i KNOW it can be done)

    2. They MUST be closed. i will be lying on the back seat of a Jeep while my father drives and listens to his reggae (dont get me wrong i like it but i cant take it 15 hours straight) These phones have to be isolated enough so that he cant hear my phones from the back seat (which i guess isnt much isolation but then again more insolation means more bass.....very general statement)

    have to be under 110 because my car overheated and cracked a head so i have to spend over 200 to get it fixed (antifreeze leaked out like Niagra falls) before i go to college, which is why i'm lookin for headphones otherwise i would drive my car with 2 12" subwoofers pounding in the back. thanks again for all your great help guys

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