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Have an old Panasonic plasma that we just upgtaded to Samsung NU7100series. Used to use a Harmony remote 900 (RF and IR) which no lomger works well so would like to upgrade remote too. We conrtolled TV with IR and TV.XBox/DVR/AVR with the RF capabilities.

Looking at newer Harmony remotes, it seems like Elite is only one with RF and IR but is more $$$ than I want to spend. Is there a way to control the TV with an RF-only remote WITHOUT adding a blaster near the TV? I don’t want to do that for aesthetic reasons. TV has wifi capabilities but unsure that matters. There is no bluetooth. And I do not want to use a smartphone app.

Just lookkng for simplest solution. And yes, I could use Samsung remote to turn TV on/off and Harmony to control all else but that seems dumb. Maybe i just need to pay for the Elite.

Thanks for the help.

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