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basic speaker system - help!



hi, im trying to set up for the time a basic 2.1 or similar sound set up (speakers and sub) but am not a whiz with audio. do i need an amp for any set up or are speaker packages available that connect direct to my dvd player? what are the connections involved, coax, toslink, rca?? please please help this is all new to me :confused:


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Yes you will need an amp, 2 speakers and a sub. It connects up with a coax cable from your DVD player to the amp and then a single phono lead to the subwoofer. You can run the amp in stereo mode with the sub attached until you upgrade to full 5.1.
Look at the Denon and Yamaha range, they have some great AV receivers.


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two main options.....

either buy an amp (a surround one will allow you to upgrade to surround in future) a pair of speakers and a subwoofer

or buy a more lifestyle/computer speaker package, this usually has a sub that houses an inbuilt amp to power satellite speakers, this one can be directly connected to a DVD player quite often if it has onboard decoding listed in the spec of the speaker package, these can be either 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 setups.....however they are usually limited to just being used as they are, no upgrade potential...

the first type is normally a little more expensive and the second type can be bought cheap as chips or more expensively.....

listing your budget and what you are likely to use it for (ie just DVD or DVD plus gaming or music etc) will mean people could recommend actual models that might be suitable....

as for connections, that will depend on what you end up with....different kit connects in different ways, altho the main three will be either digital coaxial, digital optical (toslink) or separate analogue phono connectors....


most likely the 2nd option (in-built amp within the sub) and im not worried about availability to upgrade (at this rate im not considering for at least a year). ultimately i will use it solely for DVD playback as my TVs stereos just cant give enough. if anyone can recomend models for around the £50 mark (i want good quality but not GOOD quality if you know what i mean ;) ive found PC speaker sets but as far as i know they're just 2 jack inputs. i would like to make benefit of the coax on my player if its possible
any suggestions much appreciated
many thanks

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