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i apologise in advance for what may just be the most stupid question of the year.

When i run the auto setup on my Yamaha AV Receiver it sets things like the speaker distance and volume.

Now i noticed that it had set my Front Left speaker at 2.6m yet in reality using a tape it is 3.4m from the listening position (where the mic was placed during auto setup). Some of the other speakers were spot on. The sub too was almost 50cm out.

So without an SPL meter, if I set the values to their actual physcial distances from the listening position, will i get a more accurate sound?

OR am i completely off the mark here :lease:

Thanks :)


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No such thing as a stupid question mate :)

I believe the Yams quite often get it a bit wrong, but an easy way to find out is try altering the settings to what you measure and see what you think.
It's easily reversible after all.

I'm guessing the differences are possibly down to reflections or similar.

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