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Hi Guys

First post so go easy, hopefully I've got it in the right forum......

I'm thinking of getting a home projector setup for watching films etc...i've read quite a lot on the internet but I'm still a bit lost....

Can anyone point me in the direction of a basic diagram as to how its all setup i.e. what connects to what?

I'll be looking at a system that has projector and screen and will work with sky / bluray player and xbox with the obvious requirement for some good sound. I thought I could also have a tv behind the screen for normal tv watching....

Any help with the diagram or idiots guide would be much appreciated so I can try and educate myself a bit more!:D


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Take the HDMI outputs from your sources (eg Sky, Bluray, HTPC, PS3, XBOX etc) - connect them to an amp with 2 hdmi outputs. Connect the amp to your speakers. Connect one hdmi output from your amp to a TV the other to a projector.

Job Done!


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AV Amps with 2 hdmi outputs are still quite expensive especially if you're just stating out.

Find an amp with enough inputs for your sources and then buy an hdmi splitter for around £30 off eBay or amazon.

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