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Basic setup help


Standard Member
Hi all,
apologies if this is in the wrong section.
Just taken delievry of a new amp (very cheapy, just starting out)
got new cabinet made, all ready to connect up. Just looking to have sky hd box and ps3 running through amp, amp has 3 hdmi inputs and 1 hdmi out, with numerous rca connectors etc, this is how I connected up:

Sky hd box hdmi to #1 hdmi on amp
ps3 hdmi to #2 hdmi on amp

turned on sky box, turned amp to #1 hdmi, got pic on tv, and sound the tv, but nothing through speakers.....why?

turned on ps3, changed amp to #2 hdmi, and......nothing, no picture, no sound.....why?

tried all combinations of hdmi cables, inputs etc, sky works on all inputs, but puts sound and pics through tv, but amp
wont detect ps3 no matter what cable or input i use


Apologies for a noobie question, but I thought it was just going to be a case on hdmi's in, and one going out to tv and i would be sorted....wrong!

Pic of rear connections on amp if thats helpful:


Many many thanks in advance


Distinguished Member
To start, if you want 5.1 from sky you need to connect it to the amp via optical or coaxial since it only has stereo sound on the HDMI.
What actual amp do you have?
Does it do audio over HDMI or is it just a HDMI switch?
If you have an older secondhand amp then the HDMI connections could just be for switching and not actually connected to the audio side of amp. As for the PS3 have you set it to output via the HDMI (check the menu system within the PS3).


Distinguished Member
Can you send it back? That amp is not good for the money. It does not even have any optical or coaxial inputs so you will not be able to get surround sound with sky. For not a lot more than that you could get an entry level Onkyo/Sony/Yamaha which would be so much better.
Can not see if it does audio over HDMI and can not see what it can decode in terms of HD audio, DTS, Dolby digital or prologic.
I would send it back and start again.


Standard Member
thanks again for that, I was erring towards sending it back anyway, purely due to the fact it will only detect one of my bits of kit anyway.
can you recommend a decent starter amp then please?
must have hdmi in/out and optical
budget (and he's the sticking point) £160 MAX
(I know thats asking, but thats all ive got, with christmas, 2 kids and a wailing wife!!) lol


Distinguished Member
Try Richer Sounds, you will see Sony, Yamaha, Onkyo available for around that price and you can't really go wrong with any of them. What speakers do you have?


Established Member
Well, like davepuma said, you can't really go wrong if you stick with the tried-and-tested amp manufacturers - although it's entry-level, it should have the Onkyo pedigree. You might want to have a read of the other threads relating to it and have a Google for reviews as well.

Another option would be to go second-hand which will allow you to get another level of specification up for around the same money. The classifieds here would be a good place to start and there's that auction site, of course. The good thing about Richer Sounds is that the prices are good and they're local (assuming you have a store nearby) and they have pretty good service should there be a problem. I've had success in the past negotiating prices against the internet with Richer Sounds too which is something to consider if you can find something you want cheaper - you then get the best of both worlds, cheap price and local/decent service.

I don't work for them, by the way!

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