Basic rules for enthusiast when buying TV


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Assumption: Any TV enthusiast is going to watch HDR movies

AVForums is not for the frugal or budget conscious if your viewing angle exceeds 30 degrees. If your viewing angle is greater than 30 degrees we recommend you buy the OLED TVS or the Premium VA televisions with the ultra viewing angle filter. These are the best TVs available today that come at a premium price.

If your viewing angle is less than 20 degrees buy any VA panel TV with a HDR value of greater than 8.0 on or buy an OLED TV.
Some VA panel TVs are good to 30 degrees before the picture degrades significantly. Viewing angle information can also be obtained from

IF your fearful of burn in and want a TV that is practically as good as an OLED buy the premium VA TVs from Sony and Samsung with the ultra wide viewing angle filters.
Dodgexander, "Since 2017 methods of reducing burn risk has developed substantially to the point where many experts are now saying its a non-issue. We also in 2021 for the first time see LG's new EVO panel shipping on TVs like the LG G1, Panasonic JZ1500, JZ2000, Sony A80J and A90J which should further reduce the risk"

The most reliable TVs are Sony, Samsung, and LG in that order. The customer satisfaction of these TVs is also higher than TVs from other brands, Data from consumer reports based on data from over 200,000 TV owners.

Hopefully this simplifies AVForum suggestions for the enthusiast.
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