Basic radio cassette advice



My 10 year old Citroen AX's original radio cassette has packed up (the volume button flew off in the wind and the cassette ate a tape and won't do anything now :( )

I only have the 2 original speakers in the rear. The output from the old unit was 2 x 9W so I am wanting something like for like (I have loads of tapes so like listening to them in the car).

I don't want to spend much money on it at all as I don't know how long the car is going to last. And also I am uncertain about how to wire in new front speakers and whether its actually worth doing.

I know compared to most of you this is a really poor system but your advice would be much appreciated of what would be suitable ...

trevor g

hello and welcome, two places to find a replacement r/c would be firstly your
local scapyard and secondly find a part an outfit i have used many times
over the years. basically they have a data base of hundreds of scapyards
and garages on their books, you ask them and they do the searching for you
radio cassettes dont get fitted in new cars these days regards trevor
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