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    Hi all, I've re-posted this because the original post contained a duff link to the pictures. Big Al Roz inspired the re-post as he also has gone the cheapo route :)

    "Hey. Got a new job which includes loan projector! It's a Sanyo ProX-III whatever that is. I have it on my computer table at the back of my sitting room shining onto a white cotton bed sheet drawing-pinned to the picture rail.

    All I can say is this: I have umm-ed and arred about which projector and screen to buy in the past, but now I have this projector to use when I like I can honestly say the imapct of a big screen is huge. The bed sheet (temporary solution) produces fab images. No pixelation, no hot spots, nothing bad (apart from black levels, which are easily outweighed by everthing else).

    Sure, I would love a CRT, but at the moment, this goes to show how good things can be even with a "primitive set-up". A link to photos I took with my digital camera is below.

    Bear in mind any loss in picture quality is due to my heavy handed use of Jpeg compression. The pictures are actually razor sharp and bear in mind when you look at the photos you can just make out the side walls of my lounge. The picture is just under 3m wide :) and everyone who sees it in action is blown away.

    Me happy


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