basic (non speaker) dock for iphone4 wanted - recommendations?


i sold my 2g phone and miss the docking cradle that came with it. i see the official one for the i4 is £25, which i think is far too much. is there a cheaper third party option, preferably one that's plain. i don't need speakers or anything, i just want the phone to connect via usb and stand up so i can see it properly and it doesn't get scratched

i also have an ipod classic, 120gb, so if i can get one that lets me connect and charge both at the same time, preferably with the classic at the back instead of the side (for desk space reasons) then all the better, but i don't want to have another power socket used (ie. connect to mains and usb)

any suggestions? i see most people want a dock with speakers, but i have proper hifi setups where i'll use my phone or play mp3s from the pc itself, so i have no use at all for speakers, thus don't want to pay for the feature. preferably i'd like a basic cradle for £10 or less


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Ebay item 360276219937 is a nice dock but it does not seem to charge
I get the not compatible error
Just a warning as it states it does on the advert


thanks. i don't use ebay though. i've had a look for a while and most other docks seem to offer charging or a speaker, but don't connect to the pc. i've not come across a cheap third party replacement cradle thing that i can lay the phone in and use it to charge and update with itunes

i saw a griffin model that lets you charge two ipod/iphone type devices but it connects to the mains and not the pc. john lewis had a load of different things in the store, but not what i wanted. i've not even seen the official £25 dock anywhere. i thought there would be plenty of companies selling cheapo cradles, seeing as there is a big market for cheap ipod cables and cases


You should have held onto your 2G Dock.

Fits and works a treat with iPhone 4.

i noticed that just as i was packing it away. i got an extra £50 when i sold my phone as i had all the original bits in mint/excellent condition in a mint box, so got £150 instead of £100, even though the back of the phone was scratched a fair bit

i thought i'd be able to find a third party replacement easily, particularly as there seems to be millions of cheap crap speaker docks and you can get the ipod/iphone usb cables from poundland


an update that some might find helpful

i looked on amazon and found a few third party copies of the official cradle, and went for one that said it was 2g/3g/4g compatible. it was only £3.99 with free delivery. i also got a couple of spare charge/sync cables at 2 for 99p

the cradle came in a small box the size of a pack of cards and was labelled 3g. the phone fit in it, but not enough to click into place to work. the cradle itself would have been fine for 3g users (presumably the phone fits)

anyways, i took it apart and inside was just a basic small circuit board with the connectors at the back and top, plugged it in and it worked. so i then took my friend stanley and sliced the front lip and sides so the phone could slide into place, and after a bit of scraping away it worked, both sync and charging. it's not the prettiest look up close, but for £4 i can't complain too much. someone that's better at DIY could make a nicer looking job either by melting the plastic or using a file or something

there were other amazon sellers mentioning 4g compatible docks, but the feedback was that they didn't fit the 4g phone, which is why i bought from the seller i used. presumably they are all trying to flog the same types. hopefully someone will come out with a properly fitting third party cradle soon

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