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basic noise reduction techniques.


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I am want to protect my fellow residents in my block of flat from any noise from my HT.

I have seen different methods described here, from speakers on spikes, and granite slabs under the speakers, but I am wondering what is the best method...

The speaks are B&W 703 Floorstanding, so there pretty big and very powerful, and may add a Sub PV1 from B&W as well.

I can't pull the floor up as its in a high rise(i am 4th floor), but I do plan on putting in new carpets so can do whatever is good under the new carpet.

Any other tips for some basic noise management would be great....


Peter Parker

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Building new studd walls in front of the existing walls, filling with Rockwool and finishing with two layers of plasterboard works well, but bass is a bugger to stop and will travel through the floors/ceilings and any flanking paths it can find. A room within a room is the only way to minimise it unfortunately, and it does mean losing both height and width from the room.

Mattym may be able to help further with some specific products and methods, but I don't think you can easily prevent the sound from leaking into your neighbours flats.



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Theres no stopping those bass notes my friend, just wait till you get your proposed sub as well:eek: :eek:
As long as you stick to listening and watching movies at reasonable times, ie before 10.00pm, then you shouldnt get to many complaints. I would visit your nieghbours before and explain your hobby and that you dont intend to upset anyone. This will help I think. Also calibrate that sub correctly and dont let it get to boomy.


You can put in another layer of sheetrock ofer your existing plaster or sheetrock on your walls and ceilings. It would also really help to put some acoustic dampening material between the layers.

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