Basic Instinct (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Got my email this morning I guess this will be here by Friday?
Hopefully , that would be great. Reviews should start apppearing any day now as well. It’s unusual these days to get some embossing so looking forward to seeing this one


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YT unboxing of the German edition, UK will be same.

that’s a beauty. A rarity nowadays. Looking forward to this dropping through the letterbox

barnaby jones

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It’s an absolute beauty


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Ooh I love this, mine’s turned up and the design is great - except for the reversed spine! arrghh why do they do that?


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watched this over the weekend - I love that the copyright logos at the start when you first start are integrated into the animated menus.

Don't love the upside down title on the spine.


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Ordered. £22 not too bad for a Steelbook. Looking forward to watching it again this (hopefully) weekend.

Will see what all the fuss is about re the transfer then.


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Looks like few scenes have been quite heavily DNR'ed plus teal colour grading. Caps are up in a different forum.

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