Basic Instinct HD DVD Review

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    Reviewed by Keith Hurst
    Paul Verhoeven stretched the limits in Hollywood a little further with this one and for that certainly I feel he should be commended. I find it a worrying trait that scenes of mayhem and bloodshed my be on screen in the most barbaric of ways yet a few sex scenes will have society clambering at the directors door asking for their head.

    Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone fill the roles perfectly well, but you wonder if Stone's career would have developed a little more had she just said no and let someone else carry the can. Kudos to them then for accepting the burden. Associated cast members, faces whom you will recognise, pad out the feature suitably so it looks like it has depth and is never a two man band. However the writing is just a tad thin on the ground. Never fully exploring the potential relationships which may have occurred and never exploiting the addictions both physical and emotional which our two main characters are obviously slaves to.

    In the end Basic Instinct is an enjoyable enough affair for a Saturday night in, melting the ice with your new girlfriend. It doesn't have lasting appeal though as even now all that can be asked when you mention its name is... "Well is the shot good in high def?".
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