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Basic Home Setup for gaming query


Novice Member
Hi all.

Just a quick query hopefully!

Ive just got for £5 from a mate a Ricco HDAV321 HDMI receiver. On the back it has connections for all the speakers, 4 hdmi in, 1 hdmi out, usual radio stuff and an RCA jack for Sub woofer.

I'm planning on hooking up my Xbox One, TV, Xbox 360 to this for my room. I have some Panasonic speakers from my parents old kit and it comes with a Panasonic SB-HW550 sub. Now, after some research I've discovered I cannot connect this sub up as it would have to go through to a seperate amplifier before going to the receiver and I really cant be dealing with that.

What I want to know is, is it worth buying a sub that's compatible with this set up and if so, where and what can I get that's not overly expensive.

Failing that, I'll stick with the normal set up and flog the Ricco on ebay and save up for a second hand full kit.

Cheers in advance


Well-known Member
I would assume you'd need an active sub (powered) as the one with the Panasonic is passive (so it doesn't need its own power) check eBay before selling the amp. If it will do you for what you want, get the sub now and upgrade the speakers later??

Just assuming here, not seen the manual for the ricco but it must work like most AV receivers.


Novice Member
So just need to buy an active sub and that'll hook straight up into the Ricco system? Seems easy enough, its purely cause I had all the stuff lying around taking up space at my parents so moved it into my new flat and its purely low budget low tech while playing Xbox One so not too fussed on quality ha.


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Just checked the ricco manual. An active is what you will need. Check classifieds here as well as eBay. You should be able to pick up a Sony active sub with vol control on eBay and that would do you lovely.

Welcome to surround sound gaming. It all goes down hill from here on end. Cash wise and social life I mean!!


Novice Member

I presume that the Ricco Receiver picks up the 5.1 audio signal through the HDMI and then sends that appropriately through the speakers and the only setting I require on the Xbox One is to enable 5.1 sound rather than the Stereo it was set up previously? Or will it just have all sound through the 5 speakers rather than the left through the left side and right through right?


Active Member
You were right 1st time - you should have 5 channels of discrete audio.

If you are a CODer then there is nothing better than hearing a grenade exploding behind you.

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