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Currently have a simple Boston Acoustics Digital Cinema 2.1 and time for an upgrade.

I just got the Sonos Arc and although the sound quality is a lot clearer, it's missing bass. Talking crazy money to add their bass unit so reckon can get a lot better system for the money so it's getting returned.

Any recommendations for a amp, front speakers and sub for £800? Will probably add wireless rear speakers in the future. Amp will be hidden and would prefer small white speakers to blend in. Prefer new so have warranty.


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I`m afraid there is not many options with limited budget as you also need to have support for wireless surround speakers and currently only Yamaha supports this! Keep in mind that you have to buy specifically Yamaha Music Cast 20 speakers and while they don´t require speaker wires you have power cables so wall sockets near by are required!

The usual go to model with tight budget would the Wharfedale DX2s which are quite small, wall mountable and white. Best way to buy them would be as bundle deal together with receiver, you get free speaker and sub cables thrown in too.

You get all five speakers, but if you can´t use wired speakers for surrounds then you have to buy pair of these in future, black & white:

So it won´t be cheap to add those, but at least you have that option if you go with Yamaha.

As for the 5.1 system here is AVF review and there is many more if you google.


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What about the JBL 9.1
Full surround and atmos for £899 here

Best to look in the owners thread to see if they meet your requirements. I've never listened to one.


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Didn't realise wireless speakers weren't that common, just thought it would be easier as have power sockets exactly where they would be. Got loose lay vinyl so easy enough to lift and hide the cable I guess.

Not been impressed with any of the sound bars I've tried so far so decided to do it "properly" and have room to upgrade in the future.

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