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I have just bought a really cheap surround sound system to plug into my Sony KV28DX30 and am having major problems (it doesn't work). Hopefully someone can tell my what I am doing wrong.

First, the new bit is made my TCM and it's instructions come in German which doesn't help. There is one big sub woofer and 5 satellite speakers plug into this. From what I can see, you are supposed to plug the AV jacks into whatever source you fancy (there are a bunch supplied) and then you select which component is routed through the system. My Sony has a bank of 5 speaker type ports on the back which are supposed to be used for external speakers so my first problem is what do I plug my leads into?

The second problem is that if I try to manually connect any of the little satellite speakers to any of the 5 TV outputs I get naff all coming out of the speakers. In fact, when I go through the surround sound setup on the TV it just uses the internal speakers.

Any help would be much appreciated, as you will know my now - I do not have a clue what I am doing.


pat clancy

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hi,is the power supply in the sub,or is there an amp with in puts,well you will need to plug your tv,video or dvd player into the inputs on your amp or sub where ever the inputs are,then select source,tv,video and turn up volume ,connect all using the supplied red and white pnono leads,hope this helps,pat

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