Basic HC amp advice needed


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Whats a good quality well made nice sounding HC amp for around £100 to £120

5.1 needed - along with at least 2 digital and 3 analouge inputs

Anyone recommend anything



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Bit low I'd have thought.
Yamaha do a base model (357???) but I think it's £150 plus.
Second hand maybe a better bet.
If volume isn't important, how about a secondhand Videologic digitheatre????
Loud enough for my 20x9 room :smashin:
Not stunning, but ok. Doesn't have the required inputs though.

EDIT 357 is £112

Worth a nose.
It isn't going to be rubbish either.


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Richer Sounds had a Yamaha amp going for a £100 i think.....for the money your spending you wont be unhappy......
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