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I apologise for this question being really noob...

My PC maximum resolution is 1440x1080. I think this limit is set by the monitor screen, which is an old model, and has exactly that max resolution. But the PC has a GeForce 550 Ti video card which should support higher resolutions.

If I connect such PC via mini-HDMI to an HD 1080p 16:9 projector, it should be able to utilise the full 1920x1080p resolution of the projector, right? Thanks!

Joe Fernand

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Too many 'Limits' and Thinks' to know for sure what to expect when you hook up the PC to the Projector.



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Looking at the specifications of the HDCP regarding the graphics card in question, it states that its a 1.4a certification. So, in practice, should work although on thing to remember, this also mean's that if its over 5m long, then it may not work as this is a criteria of 1.4a. The one wildcard I can see is that it has a HDMI C connection. Again, something I've never heard of anyone using.

If you do have problems, then look to NVidia How do I know if 3DTV Play supports my 3D TV? | NVIDIA

Regards, Shane

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