Basic cable question....


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Hi looking at getting a new system ready for our new house and i've got a quick question.

Say i'm running cable to the rear speakers and one is 3' away from the amp and the other is 6' away will i need to run 2 6ft runs or can I run as much as I need then adjust the sound on the amp?

Once again sorry what is a very basic question!!




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Do not get hung up on speaker cable lengths, the sound only gets affected if you are mearsuring in miles not feet.


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As above, dont fall into the trap of thinking a few feet will make any difference................because it wont.

Shops may try to sell you equal lengths, either dont let them or walk away if they try to insist.



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Thats what I thought I just wanted to make sure as i'll be putting the cables into the wall!

So now I just need to choose a new hdmi amp, dvd player and some speakers! (can't wait!)

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