basic 5.1 amp/speaker setup with bluetooth


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Hi all,
having decided that my D6100 Samsung TV can supply 5.1 through to the optical out (I think?) from freeview, I simply need a budget 5.1 amp and speakers to handle it. It *has* to have Bluetooth capability, but it seems all the ones I've seen also come with blu-ray, and to be honest I don't need/want a bluray player.
I'm basically replacing an HTPC and my old 5.1 speakers... want to ditch that and just run the 5.1 from the TV directly (and bluetooth music to it). I was originally going to go for this..
SONY BDVE2100 5.1 Smart 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System but like I say, I don't really need the blu-ray.

Anyone got any ideas? Budget low at around £150.


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If you only have £150 then you are pretty much stuck with an all in one system like you have linked too. Even a budget AVR is going to cost more than your budget and that is without speakers.

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