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Depends what bark the eBay one is, could be all sorts and some plants react to say pine or conifer used as bark. Some tend to be shall we say better looking like spruce so it depends what you want and price.
Look for a local landscape supplier near you to see what they have. Will be a tad cheaper than mr brand and lay it thick.
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One states its a cubic meter and sufficient to cover 20m2 at 5cm depth.... the other says its a "bulk bag"

Looking on their own website however it says it'll only do 24m2 at 2.5cm depth and so as above its a bit over half the quantity of the TP one


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Remember- a hell of a lot of bark is crap. It's amazing where this stuff suddenly disappears to but after a couple of years it'll be gone or at least very thin on the ground.

The best stuff you can get is the hardwood chips. It works out at about £80 per cubic metre so actually worth getting as that volume is the packed volume.

The hardwood will last much longer.

I made my own chippings out of a shredder.

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We used bark on top of sheeting to stop the weeds when we did the garden and found it a waste of time. Some blew away and the rest couldn't be seen as the plants grew.

The garden is now so established we never bothered replacing it. We used stones on decorative areas where the plants wouldn't cover them.


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