Bargin At Blockbuster



I got a bit of a bargin at Blockbuster today Rebel Strike for the cube pre owned for £15.85.

Will have to check out there more often....

Nice, all my Blockbuster have in the pre-owned is oo7 Nightfire, Eternal Darkness and FIFA 2003. Got good prices though. Mario Kart Double Dash for £30 and Star Wars Rebel Strike Brand New for £20. Not even on sale!


They had the Zelda bonus disc for £9.99 in my local Blockbuster.
They were selling the Zelda disc!? Nice! The cheapest games they have there are Mario Kart and Star Wars Rebel Strike. Star Wars is £20 and Mario Kart is £30. I saw the Sims and Medal Of Honour for £40. I think F Zero was £32.99 though.


Yeah I Was suprised to see them selling the disc - but yeah, only a tenner.


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Thanks for the tip off regarding Zelda.

Phoned four of my nearest branches, and you'd have thought I was talking chinese when I asked about this. They said they didn't sell ANY gamecube games.

Phoned head office, who were really helpful - they explained that it was only larger stores doing this. They even managed to inform me which branches had stock.

Had to travel a bit further than normal - buy hey, what a bargain!

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