Bargain on JVC LCDs


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I didn't buy from them..... but as they are quite a big company, one could only assume they should be reasonable.

I have the 26 and 17 inch JVCs and they are both perfect.

I am currently using Scart to Scart on the 26 inch - direct from Sky+ - quality of picture is as good as Sky gets.

D J Fryer

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Do a search in the suppliers forum at thedvdforums about skybuy's reputation as a supplier before ordering. A lot of feedback (good, bad and indifferent).


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I have this tv bought from skybuy got a free JVC Progressive Scan DVD player (component out) and a Alphason stand delivered via citylink in under a week! Does anyone know if it's VESA compatible or do I have to pay £126+ for a wall bracket?


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Damn! Just ordering it and it's out of stock. That's what I get for sleeping on it. Yeah the alphason stand is free with it too... Could have sold it on to reduce the price further.

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