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bargain (ish) speakers about/group hug

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by boglin, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. boglin


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    I've trawled around for days and although my brain now resembles porridge, I'd just like to say thanks to everyone out there who regularly posts -- helps out newbie dabblers like myself.

    I swore I'd never do this when I started looking on the foum, but <blushes>... I've just landed my first reciever (a cheap Kenwood KRFV4060) and after reading all the advice am trying to pick between these, which I *think* i've tracked down the best prices for:

    Eltax Matrix 5piece 118 quid at QED (bloody hell!)
    possibly with an A8 Sub at 80 quid (although I gather I may be better off saving for a decent sub later)

    Sony SAVE2M 152 quid at Empire Direct.

    Mission MM1 (sub, 2xfront) 80 quid from Techtronics (have 2 really good old JVCs I love for the back) and god knows what for the centre?

    I know that a lot of people here hate, loathe and detest PASCALs so I'm pretty much off the Sonys now, and fear and my utter ignorance will probably put me off the mix and match Mission setup, so will probably plump for the Eltax Matrix.

    is this a false economy? Am I better off spending more money than I can afford and going for one of these options?

    Eltax Liberty 5piece 250quid at richers
    Mission FS1 250 quid at Richers

    I'm looking at mostly home cinema, but also good CD playback (loud crunchy guitars). Oh, and naturally, I'm skint. but don't want rubbish

    Sorry about the blagging for advice straight off

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