Bargain 42" Relisys Plasma TV from Richer Sounds?





£799.95 for a Relisys RP4205. Ok, so it's not exactly top of the range (far from it), but it might be a good bargain for someone looking to keep the cost down. Thoughts? Here is a review from the web:

"The RP4205 from Relysis is a very well built product, which almost certainly has the ability to impress your friends. As a dedicated monitor I couldn’t recommend it due to the price and low native resolution, but you wouldn’t get it for that purpose. As the front end for your home entertainment system then it’s a far more attractive proposition as it can provide all your viewing requirements for TV, Satellite, DVD and is a very solid and useable Monitor too. So given the price, if you are in the market for a plasma screen I can say wholeheartedly that this is one hell of a good buy, if you can afford it is another matter after all!"


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Where did you get that review? Post a link please! :)


By the way, note that they list the price as £2499 in the above review.


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ive seen this panel playin in my local richer sounds with lord of the rings dvd through svideo and pic was on par with the pio etc they had linked up too :smashin:

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