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Hello, I've just got the Barenaked Ladies Music Video Collection from Play and I've encountered a prob' that I've never seen before. Attempts to play it on my DVD player (A Techtronics chipped Pioneer 717) results in the an error message on the display 'DVD can't play' (or something very similar)). Attempts to run it on my PC get no response (i.e. the Cinemaster software doesn't register the presence of the disc) either. DVD packaging says its an NTSC Region 2/3/4/5/6. Anybody ever seen a problem like it? Or do you think the disc is duff? Any help gratefully received.


sounds like a duff disc to me.

Give play a ring they're very good for returns (apart from they only give you £1.20 back for the postage - so make sure it less than that).


I'd hoped there were more bare naked ladies on these forums, but just the one it'd seem:eek: :rolleyes: :devil:
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